About Us

Trade Lake Baptist Church has been loving the people of Burnett and Polk Counties with the Good News of Jesus for over 150 years. From our beginning as a small Swedish church to today, where we have a church of people from all kinds of backgrounds, we have always sought to be focused on the Bible and and the Gospel!

We are committed to loving everyone who comes into our church, whether its your first time or you grew up here, we are all family!

Our Mission:

To proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, to encourage everyone
to a personal relationship with Him and to prepare them for ministry.

We are not fancy or stuffy. We come together as real, regular people to worship and grow in our faith together. We seek to be a simple place where people can come and see God in our love for you and each other.

Feel free to explore this site and learn about us! Come by anytime!

Feel free to email info@tradelakebaptist.org for more information or to talk to our pastor.